Bluebird Skies refers to a fantastic phenomenon known well to skiers and snowboarders across the Western US-when there has been a great snowstorm overnight and in the morning it is beautiful, not too cold, and without a cloud in the sky. These are the most glorious days on the mountain. These are days when the Powder Clause is used unflinchingly-when you are allowed to leave your slow friends still getting ready or taking too long to get down the mountain. When there is powder, all bets are off.

The focus of this blog will be threefold, as far as I can see it. I will be writing about cooking and food, offering my recipes and, as my budget allows, maybe a few restaurant and bar reviews. I will talk about the travails of being an emerging artist, which can be a euphemism for starving artist, failing artist, or dellusional artist. Finally, I will be discussing yoga, some of its finer points, and offering some poses and ways to deepen your practice. Other topics will surely arise-New York City life, dog and cat ownership, being a teaching artist in the public schools, and life on the verge of 30. I welcome your comments, suggestions, criticisms, and concerns.


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